Tinos a beautiful misunderstanding...
Tinos a beautiful misunderstanding...
Tinos a beautiful misunderstanding...


62 works of art! Leave the car at the entrance to each village. Time here stops and the real Tinos begins. Suggestions

  • Pyrgos (essentially an open-air sculpture museum) and Panormos
  • Volax for rocky adventures
  • Kardiani for the sunset
  • Ysternia for the sunset, swimming and food
  • Triadaros, Berdemiaros, 2 Villages, Tripotamos of Mountados for the arches and beautiful courtyards.
  • Tarampados aka valley of the dovecotes
  • Love, Komi and many other villages.

    Over 40 for all tastes! Ask us to recommend the beach depending on the weather. Some of them:

  • Laouti or Skylantar (100m. From Porto KA.L.MA) for diving at sea.
  • Pachyammos (non-organized with dune)
  • Livada (wild and of particular beauty)
  • Big Kolimbithra (surfers and funky atmosphere)
  • Small Kolimbithra (organized)
  • Kalyvia in KardianĪ¹
  • Ormos Isternia (moorage - small, clean, sandy beach - famous for the food right on the beach).
  • Aghia Thalassa, Aghios Dimitrios, Malli
  • Apigania and Kantani, for discoverers and lovers of peace and sand.

    Oil artichokes, Fourtalia, Tinian capers, Tinian cheese and sausage, louza, kopanisti, fennel meatballs, fresh fish, chickpea meatballs, traditional cream cheese (Mizithra), Tinian raki!


    For sports and exploration lovers there is a designated surf beach, climbing and hiking groups, hike paths, diving club, equestrian club running events (the biggest in June) and more.


    Every year in summer Tinos puts on its festive mantle and invites you to music festivals, concerts in the village squares, theatrical performances in the open-air theater, traditional festivals and other interesting cultural events! Stay tuned...


    Stroll the streets of Tinos. There are many hidden options in food, coffee, and ouzo-filled fun to find! A different Tinos unfolds in front of your eyes...